Land of The Tiger

Jacksonville Florida

The visitor experiences four distinct landscape types as they follow the meandering path in search of tigers. Entering through a dense stand of mature bamboo, the trail follows the eroded earthbanks along a stream corridor until eventually arriving at a rocky escarpment that features a waterfall that is the source of the stream.

An innovative “tiger corridor” allows tiger to patrol the perimeter of the exhibit habitats and to pass over visitor walkways through a simulated strangler fig. Visitor amenities include a pop-up bubble in the otter habitat, petting wall at the pig habitat, a tiger passage through a viewing building, and underwater viewing of tiger inside a large climate controlled special events building.

  • TYPE Zoo Exhibit
  • STATUS Opened 2014
  • CLIENT Jacksonville Zoo
  • ANIMALS Sumatran Tiger, Warty Pig, Small-clawed Otter, Babirusa