PJA has completed work on six of seven continents.

Our firm is setup to respond to clients worldwide. As part of this, all designers have experience working in Metric and U.S. Standard. The PJA team is fluent in the following languages: Chinese, English, German, Spanish, and Taiwanese

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We strive to design the best exhibits for animals, guests and staff.

PJA offers expertise in architecture, landscape architecture, zoological and botanical design, entertainment planning and master planning.

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"We've worked with PJA for many years because they provide us with consistently unique, engaging and thoughtful zoo design solutions."

Terri Kepes
Senior Vice President Planning and Design, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium


"PJA has succeeded in harnessing our creative vision: interpreting our ideas to produce high quality and unique design."

Wes Mannion
Director Australia Zoo


“I like working with Patricio, Jaime, and Victoria because they give context and meaning to their designs in an effort to make the visitors part of the exhibit narrative and emotionally link them with the animals. They have a profound respect for nature and their designs have the right balance between animal welfare and aesthetics”

Farah Ajami Peralta
Exectuive Director Barranquilla Zoo


"We have known PJA for more than 10 years and become good friends.  We always enjoy working with Joyce, Jim, and Pat and the PJA team on different projects throughout China, Hangzhou to Qiqihar.  The recent opening of Qiqihar Longsha Zoo has proved to be the highest quality design in China."

Dequan Zhang
General Manger Hangzhou Safari Park


PJA Blog

PJA: Twenty Years of Zoo Design

  As we celebrate twenty years in the Zoo Design business at PJA, one needs to step back for a moment and really think about what that means. While it has been great to work on so many unique and interesting projects, I really think it is about the people we have come in contact continue…

Zoo Design: A Playground in Nature

A Playground in Nature: Longsha Zoological and Botanical Garden in China Authors: Patrick Janikowski, James Brighton, Joyce Lee, Terry O’Connor Summary Most of us went to a zoo at some point in our childhoods. In the earlier days, the animals were often exhibited behind metal bars, in small cages, barren of any furnishings. The exhibits continue…

Future of Zoo and Aquarium Design

A reprint of the PJA article in WAZA Magazine, Vol. 17, 2016: Future of Zoo and Aquarium Design.  PJA talks about the design of a new zoo in Qiqihar, China.                                                   continue…

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We believe in providing the best possible habitats for the animals.